Eliwell Quick Guide

Complete Eliwell Frigbot Setup

Frigbot® was made to work with Eliwell®. The installation and configuration of your new Frigbot is really easy.

If you're a licenced tradesperson you can also install the additional current sensor that allows you to read the power usage and set alerts for when something is going wrong, more about this later.

This is what you will need:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Frigbot
  3. QR Code Reader
  4. Equipment that already has a Eliwell controller fitted
  5. A few connectors and some mains power cable

Select Modbus

Change the Eliwell Controller parameters to allow communication with Frigbot.

  1. Press and hold [SET] for 15 seconds
  2. Press ⇧ and scroll thru to PA2 press [SET]
  3. Enter the password 15 using ⇧ then press [SET]
  4. Press ⇧ and scroll thru to select PtS - Press [SET]
  5. Use the ⇧ to set the value to 'd' and press [SET]
  6. Wait 30 seconds for the controller to resume normal operation
Select Modbus

Plug in Controller

Turn the power off to your controller.

Plug the ORANGE CABLE into the Eliwell controller.

Use the end that has two connectors. The large connector is for IDPlus and the small connector is for EWPlus.

Optional Current Sensor

Pass the compressor power cable through the Frigbot current sensor (for qualified tradespersons ONLY)

Optional Current Sensor

Scan QRCode

  1. Open your QR code app on your smartphone
  2. Scan the Frigbot QR Code
Scan QRCode


Configure your new Frigbot

  1. Agree to the Frigbot Subscription Agreement
  2. Where is the Frigbot installed (the customer's details)
  3. What is the Frigbot plugged into (the equipment details)
  4. Alerts (optional) you can set up alerts now or later.

Congratulations! You're finished