Frigbot Pricing

At Frigbot, we manufacture and sell hardware devices and software subscriptions designed to keep refrigeration units connected and running smoothly. For a detailed description of our hardware devices and prices, visit our online shop.

Subscription Pricing

Correct as of May 18th 2024

Choose your plan

Pay Monthly the cost is $25 /mth
Pay Quarterly for $60 /3mth SAVE 20%
Pay Yearly for $144 /12mths SAVE 52%

  • No contract - cancel any time
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
  • Unlimited email reports
  • Two-way always on communications
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars $AUD

How many do I need?

Each item of your equipment will have an existing thermostat fitted which controls the temperature. The Frigbot hardware device plugs into your existing temperature controller. The Frigbot system is simple: each thermostat needs its own Frigbot and each Frigbot device needs its own subscription.