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Cloud Based

Each Frigbot cellular wireless device connects your refrigeration equipment to the Frigbot cloud with access to all functions over the Internet from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Your Dixell®, Carel® and Eliwell® configuration parameters are uploaded automatically to the cloud. You can view, change and remotely deploy configuration settings.


You can configure your Frigbot to send you regular email reports and graphs that show time, temperature and performance.


You can enable temperature alerts and time-based maintenance alerts. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS to multiple recipients.


Current Sensor

Frigbot has the ability to measure electrical current in real time. This is a more advanced feature but essential if you need the operational status of refrigeration equipment. If you measure electrical current you can remotely determine if a compressor has a potential fault - this is a huge time saver for a busy refrigeration mechanic.

Information Screen

Diagnostic and activation information is presented automatically on the low-power ePaper display.

Cellular Antenna

On the side of each Frigbot is an antenna socket for either the included stubby antenna (0db gain) or the extended remote antenna (3db gain) sold separately. The Frigbot uses the cellular network to send refrigeration status and configuration information to our cloud servers. No need for any Wifi connectivity, use your Frigbots anywhere that a mobile phone works!

How it works

Using a Frigbot couldn't be simpler.

Designed to work with the major electronic refrigeration controllers, installation takes less than a few minutes.

At fingertips

Control at your fingertips

Your refrigeration is at your command with Frigbot. With immediate access to all the information from anywhere you know exactly what is happening at all times. You even receive alerts so your equipment can call you when it's in trouble. Frigbot is a cloud based web application which means NO DOWNLOADS and no apps to install, It just works simply login into from your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Anywhere anytime.

Frigbot is a system of new business methods that connects refrigeration companies to fridge owners creating value for both parties.

Customer retention in the palm of your hand

Keeping customers is the hardest part of being a refrigeration mechanic. With Frigbot you never have to worry again, you'll know exactly when equipment has faults or needs maintenance.

Don't lose customers, get Frigbots!

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