Frigbot Current Sensor

Frigbot has the ability to measure electrical current in real time. This is a more advanced feature but essential if you need the operational status of the refrigeration equipment. By measuring the electrical current you can remotely determine if a compressor has a potential fault - this is can be a huge time saver for busy refrigeration mechanics.

This is how you setup the Frigbot current sensor:

  1. The sensor can measure 0amps - 20amps - so measure your circuit with your amp meter and determine if it is within the sensor range
  2. Pass the the active (singe phase) cable through the circular current sensor in the Frigbot. You may need to extend the cable to allow it to loop through the Frigbot. Note that this must be done with the correctly rated cable and by a suitably licenced tradesman.
  3. The current readings will be show on the Frigbot App device graph

TIP You can configure a low or high current alert in the Frigbot App

Frigbot Current Sensor with power cable