How do i sell frigbot to my customers ?

I am a fridge mechanic , how do i sell frigbot to my customers ?

whats in it for me ! ? 

-> Great questions and maybe i can provide you some background information .

Frigbot enables YOU to create new business methods , which create new revenue streams for YOU, and value add to YOUR customers (hopefully your customers will get a better outcome)

here are a few ways that other Fridge mechanics are selling Frigbot.

[a] Use frigbot as a service tool? maybe you can charge a set fee for 1 weeks monitoring and system settings tune-up

[b] sell frigbot as a fully supported back to base solution (your fridge company is 'the base')

[c] supplying the frigbot hardware to the end user , and the end user sets up a frigbot account and self monitors (the fridge company just makes money on the hardware sale)

[d] upselling frigbot with new coolroom or freezer installs - companies have reported that they have a competitive advantage and end users like the idea of back to base monitoring 

This is just a few of the possible business ideas for you to consider , its all up to you to find what works best with your business and your customers. 

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