How do I scan the QR code?

You don't need any extra application to scan your Frigbot. Our web interface will run on your mobile browser.
The supported mobile browsers are Android OS (Version 8.0 or later) or Apple OS (Version 11.0 or later).

Login to the frigbot application

You will will see the "SCAN FRIGBOT" item as the first choice on your mobile device.

Just click the 'Scan Frigbot' and use your phone camera to open the QR code on your frigbot

Once scanned this will either :

  1. Register a new frigbot (if this is a new Frigbot);
  2. Open the Frigbot for you to view (if this is your Frigbot)
  3. Tell you that you don't have access to this Frigbot (if this is someone else's frigbot)   

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