No communication

Frigbot devices use mobile network to communicate and sometimes mobile network have potential outages.

To check if your device is not communicating, just mouse over the temperature graph. This will show when the temperature was recorded.

If the temperature recorded is not recent, then your device is not communicating.

1. Environment

The first check to perform is environment. Frigbot devices use mobile network and they rely on their coverage, so any obstruction on the antenna might cause the device to not communicate.

Like any mobile phone, if you are underground you will probably have issues with communication, so is best to add an extended antenna on your device.

If your Frigbot device is encased on some metal box, it might have communication issues as well.

NOTE: Frigbot devices are currently using "Vodafone" network. A good test to check if your device has network is placing a mobile phone under Vodafone network parallel to your Frigbot device. If your phone has network, so it is likely that your device will also have network.

2. Outage

Mobile network might face outages. If Vodafone is suffering some outage in your area, your Frigbot device probably will not communicate with the system.

Frigbot devices are equipped with a security feature which will prevent the device from draining the battery. If the device cannot communicate with the network for several attempts, it will stop the attempts and will change to mute mode.

When Frigbot is in mute mode, it will not attempt on communicating again, so it is necessary to perform a reboot on your device.

To perform a reboot, you will need to disconnect the device from your equipment, open the case and disconnect the battery. This will flush the memory of the device and it will exit the mute mode. Reassemble the device and connect to the equipment. Your device should start communicating within an hour after rebooting.

NOTE: Here is a video on how to perform a reboot on your device:

3. Controller

Frigbot might also stop communicating with the system if it cannot identify the controller.

When the device is connected to an equipment (controller), it should identify its maker (Carel, Dixell, Eliwell, etc).

To check if your device is identifying the controller, check the screen of the device. It should show the name of the Maker (Carel, Dixell, Eliwell, etc).

If the name of the controller is not displaying on the screen, it can potentially be two causes, either the cable is faulty, or the controller is faulty.

Tests to check if the cable or controller is faulty:

  • Unplug the device from current equipment and plug in different equipment;
  • Replace the cable;
  • Plug a different Frigbot into equipment.

NOTE: Frigbot is set to recognize the controller maker, so if you plug into another controller/equipment Frigbot should show the maker on the screen. If not showing, please check the controller makers covered by Frigbot.

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