Codes on Frigbot Display

Eventually Frigbots will perform some operations either communicating, or updating its firmware and some code messages will show on the screen.

Here is a list of what the code means:

Detect Ctrl Detecting controller
CDCController Disconnect Connection
cssController Syncing Start
CSHController Syncing Halt
slpFrigbot sleeping (power down)
PHCPhone Home Connection -- usually due to alert
DFCDelta Frigbot Connection -- this is a normal communication with our server
DCCDelta Controller Connection
CHGFrigbot Charging - normal
Charging Up Frigbot charging when flat
Battery Low battery low
BLDBattery Low Disconnection
BCDBattery Critical Disconnection
conhas a cellular connection and is attempting IP connectivity
Geolocating doing a geolocation lookup
-s-message connection success
scfsmart config and *only for wifi frigbot

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