How can i Stop my controller from Beeping ?

your controller is beeping because the alarm setting in your controller (not frigbot) are triggering a REAL alarm.

Issue: all alerts that you set inside frigbot will become REAL alarm settings on your controller. If you set a Frigbot high temperature to 5°C and the time to 45 minutes. Frigbot will send these settings to your controller and set the Controller Parameters (ie AH and Ad on Carel) 

Solution: to silence a nuisance alert you can do ONE of these 

[Option 1] if you (or your customer) has physical access to the controller. Press the MUTE button , laugh!  i know it sound simple but it will stop the beeping. You might like to also consider option 2 or option 3 to solve the issue long term

[Option 2] you may like to adjust the alert settings either (a) manually on the physical controller or (b) from inside the Frigbot application 

login to frigbot and open the "config alerts" tab 

Adjust the 'Value' of your alert by mousing over the alert and clicking on the 'blue pencil' make your change and then click on the 'green tick' to record the changes. Now relax and wait 20 minutes, It may take up to 20 minutes for your new value to be set on your controller

[Option 3] turn your nuisance alert off, same as option 2 above , but just toggle the on/off button . this will set the alert to 0 (which is off) 

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