With Frigbot there is no software to download, no backups and no configuration issues with your PC or Mac. Why? Because it’s all in the cloud.

Some people might say we are the Facebook™ of fridges. Open up your Internet browser and BAM it’s all working. Our Frigbot servers have been optimised for low bandwidth content delivery that means the web pages load fast. We do all the backups and take care of all the other tricky stuff like security and updates. Super easy. Always on. It’s the new way to do business.


Do you have a crystal ball? With Frigbot you don’t need one!

Frigbot collects the operational data from your equipment and presents it in a easy to read graph. This can not only tell you the current status of your equipment but the Frigbot report* can tell you what was happening yesterday, or last week, or however long you want to go back. It’s your very own crystal ball that provides compliance documentation and is an essential tool for fault finding and troubleshooting equipment malfunctions. The Frigbot reports can also be used as a tool to predict equipment faults (maybe before they happen).


Have you ever talked someone through changing a controller setpoint over the telephone? Your success (and your frustration) depends on who is on the other end of the telephone and sometimes you still have to drive out to the equipnet to make that 5 second configuration change because you can’t explain it over the telephone.

Well not any more because with Frigbot you can log in and update your configuration anytime you like and from anywhere you have internet access. But the magic doesn’t stop there because Frigbot also has an incredible and unique backup feature that saves all your settings - so when you need to replace a faulty controller you can download and restore your last known working configuration.

This is unique to Frigbot and a genuine labor saving efficiency.


When refrigeration equipment breaks it can be a disaster: spoilt food and loss of trade sales (plus the emotional and financial stress of the whole event) and the only person who can solve the problem is usually the very LAST person to get involved. That’s the old way of doing business!

The NEW way alerts the fridge mechanic FIRST. This simple alert triggers faster response and quicker repairs that mean less down-time. When there’s a breakdown the focus is all about turning the situation around as fast as possible and keeping any disruptions to a minimum.


* Our customers tell us that the reports feature is amazing