Frigbot Lite

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Frigbot® Lite is a Single-channel SCADA solution. Installation is fully automated, and the software is cloud-based and compliant with all modern systems. Features include alerts, configuration and reports. Frigbot is suitable for all Customers and all industries looking for a simple cost effective supervisory solution.


4G Cellular Device SIM on-chip
Size 20mm x 79mm x 35mm
Internal LiPo Battery - 5yr life


Carel - IR33 PJ Mastercella SmartCella
Dixell - XR XL XW XJ
Eliwell Eliwell - 902 961 971 974 978
Danfoss ERC21*
LAE AT1.5 AT2.5


This product requires an antenna and suitable adaptor cable that matches your controller. These accessories are sold separately. This device requires an active platform subscription $12/month. more information here: subscription details and costs