Work More Efficiently with a Frigbot Freezer Alert Monitoring System to Monitor Your Client’s Freezers

As a fridge repair technician, you no doubt sleep with one ear outside the blankets, listening for a panicked phone call when a commercial customer’s freezer breaks down. Whether the companies you service are in the food industry, distribute medicine or agricultural supplies, or are morticians, a freezer breakdown could have serious repercussions, and the situation needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Most companies have never considered a freezer monitor, and an employee only notices a breakdown when they realise that the temperature in their freezer is rising. By that time, it’s necessary to transfer products to a different freezer to prevent spoiling, if it’s not already too late, and an emergency call-out to a technician means you don’t have a minute to lose to find the fault and carry out a repair.

How Does a Frigbot Freezer Monitor Work?

What if you could install a freezer monitoring system for your client that lets you know when there’s a problem, even before the staff discover it? Frigbot is the first single channel SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) device that acts as a freezer alert monitor.

Frigbot is a tiny wireless cellular device that connects with your refrigeration controller. There are no programs to install, and it is compatible with Carell, Dixell, and Eliwell controllers. Set-up takes about two minutes, and once a Frigbot is installed, you have access to all data and functions over the Internet from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can create temperature alerts to send via email or SMS to multiple recipients, and its current sensor allows for real-time current measurement. If electrical current fluctuates, it could be a sign that a compressor has a fault, allowing you to do a maintenance check before there’s a crisis. Frigbot not only sends data, but it also allows you to remotely view and change the configuration settings for your freezer monitoring system.

On-site, the Frigbot has a low-power ePaper display for diagnostic information. Frigbot comes with a stubby antenna (0db gain), but you can fit an extended remote antenna (3db gain). The device does not need Wi-Fi, wherever there’s a cellular network, your freezer monitor can send and receive data. A lithium-ion battery powers your Frigbot and it’s always charged when it’s plugged in.

Get More Customers for Your Refrigeration Business by Using Frigbot

With Frigbot, you never need to worry about an unhappy customer again. You will know when equipment requires maintenance or there’s a fault even before your client does. Timeous alerts allow you to plan your day and avoid a crisis or expensive after-hours repairs, and you will have a better night’s rest knowing that the freezer alert monitor is keeping an eye on things.

However, maintenance and repairs are not the only way in which Frigbot can benefit your customer relationships. You can configure it to send regular time, temperature and performance records directly to the client via email. This is a valuable service to businesses in the food industry since HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) regulations require meticulous temperature record keeping. With a Frigbot installed, you can help your client save on their energy bill by remotely optimising the freezer monitoring system to ensure that equipment performs efficiently.

You can reduce your workload, plan your day, and impress happy customers with your service, all by installing a Frigbot freezer monitor. Don’t delay, contact us today to order your Frigbot.

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