Remote Freezer Monitor and Temperature Monitoring Alarm

Save yourself time, hassle and money by using Frigbot to help monitor your refrigeration and freezer systems. Temperature control and HAACP considerations are incredibly important and precise affairs, demanding that you observe all standard procedures and ensure your equipment is compliant. This ... Read more

Monitor Your Commercial Refrigerator with a Refrigeration Monitoring Alarm System

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The Astounding Advantages of Refrigerator Temperature Alarm Systems

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Work More Efficiently with a Frigbot Freezer Alert Monitoring System to Monitor Your Client’s Freezers

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A Refrigeration Temperature Monitor/Refrigeration Monitoring System That Keeps Your Fridge Safe

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Get a Cellular Fridge or Freezer Temperature Sensor That Optimises Your Refrigerator’s Performance

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Keep a Log of the Temperature of your Refrigerator and Freezer with a Data Logger

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How a Commercial Freezer Temperature Alarm Can Save Your Kitchen

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The Perfect Device for a Refrigerator Technician? A Remote Temperature Monitoring System!

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A Refrigerator Temperature Monitor with 3G Lets you Remotely Monitor and Control Commercial Fridges

Frigbot is the first single channel SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) device that acts as a 3G fridge temperature monitor. If you’ve wished for a way to remotely monitor and control a commercial fridge, Frigbot is the answer. There are no programs to download, and once you’ve set i... Read more