Remote Freezer Monitor and Temperature Monitoring Alarm

Save yourself time, hassle and money by using Frigbot to help monitor your refrigeration and freezer systems. Temperature control and HAACP considerations are incredibly important and precise affairs, demanding that you observe all standard procedures and ensure your equipment is compliant. This is hard enough on a normal day but becomes something else entirely in emergency situations. Frigbot simplifies the situation by monitoring your equipment’s temperature for you.

This is more than just remote temperature monitoring, however. By accessing and storing the data in our cloud, you have access to historical data and how your system has functioned in the past for comparison. This enables you to more accurately schedule preventive maintenance and save money by avoiding wasted trips or risking failing equipment by having visits too far apart. The system is geared to sound the alarm so that the technicians you need get to the right machines at just the right time.

Maximise Your Efficiency with Remote Freezer Monitoring

Frigbot has several different models, depending on the specific electronic controller in your freezer. We make it easy to identify which kind you have so that you know which version to get. The installation is also very straightforward, as we strive to keep it simple for you. If you’ve ever had to configure the controller in a refrigerator or freezer, you know that it can be very difficult – especially if the help is remote, only coming through the phone, and you’re new to it. Frigbot solves that hassle by allowing you to configure your equipment remotely and using the user-friendly system found on our cloud.

By installing the cellular device, freezer temperature monitoring becomes something that happens automatically. The operational data gleaned from remote freezer monitoring is invaluable to the mechanics who service your equipment. Monitor minor variations in performance so they become early warning signs about parts that need additional attention. Remote monitoring of these variations over time lets you be far more informed about what’s going on in your freezer.

Use a Cellular (not WiFi) Freezer Monitor to Always Stay in The Loop

You don’t have to worry about any computer configurations or software compatibility with Frigbot. Our cloud system means you have web-based compatibility anywhere you can connect to the internet. The need for a speedy response in an emergency situation, and the fact that Frigbot will contact your mechanic when something goes wrong, gives you the perfect freezer temperature alarm without relying on WiFi connectivity.

This combination of system monitor, configuration and alarm functionality means that Frigbot is the Cellular freezer monitor which will revolutionise how you handle your refrigeration and freezer systems. Unlike with WiFi devices, Frigbot does not have any difficult set up or authentication processes, and is instantly ready to go. Our customers have told us that the reports are an incredible benefit to them, and the money saved by installing these systems has far outweighed the cost. Consult our FAQ if you have specific questions, or contact us today to determine the right version of Frigbot for your equipment.

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