Keep a Log of the Temperature of your Refrigerator and Freezer with a Data Logger

There is nothing more inconvenient or stressful when running a business than having to sort out faulty equipment. As an owner, you are usually the first point of contact when it comes to a broken down refrigerator or freezer. It is also likely that by the time you manage to call in a technician for a repair service that your product in the fridge is starting to spoil. The Frigbot is the latest fridge temperature data logger design that lets you check and monitor the temperature of your business’ fridges and freezers from the comfort of your home.

Refrigerator Temperature Log Helps you Make the Appropriate Adjustments

In most cases, by the time you realise that something is wrong with your fridge there is a severe fault occurring, and especially if you are in the hospitality industry, this can mean a loss in revenue and stock. The Frigbot works to monitor your refrigerator temperature and log the data. This information is uploaded to the cloud where you can check it at your convenience.

The internet-based storage of your fridge or freezer temperature log means that there are no downloads or apps to install. Simply by accessing the Frigbot website and logging into your account, you can view all the information you need and if necessary make the appropriate adjustments.

The device is designed to work with various models of the brands Dixell, Carel and Eliwell as a simple 'plug and play' device that then provides you with online access to the temperature data. From here you can also manipulate the control system to optimise your fridge or freezer’s temperature for your product. The Frigbot is also the first 'single channel' supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) device that gives you the high-end functionality at a low cost. An ideal tool for owners who rely heavily on refrigeration for their business.

Get Alerts Sent to your Phone

No one likes turning up to work on Monday morning to find that their freezer has broken down over the weekend. With the Frigbot alert feature not only can you get temperature based alerts and time-based maintenance alerts sent to your phone, but you can also set it up to be sent directly to your breakdown technician. This saves time and hassle organising a repair and instead means you get a faster response time and fewer disruptions to your business.

As a fridge and freezer temperature data logger, the Frigbot allows you the option of collating your data into one easy to read report, which can also be sent directly to your email or phone. The graphed information lets you check the temperature status of your equipment from previous days, weeks or months. It also provides you with compliance documentation and can be used as a fault finding and troubleshooting tool.

You can now go home at the end of the day with the peace of mind that your fridge and freezer temperature controls are at your fingertips. With the Frigbot alert features, you can be confident that faults will be dealt with quickly and you won’t lose out on business. To get your business set up with a Frigbot contact us today and use the technology to your advantage.

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