Get a Cellular Fridge or Freezer Temperature Sensor That Optimises Your Refrigerator’s Performance

Restaurants, factories, schools and other facilities often have multiple refrigerators and freezers dedicated to the important task of safe food storage. Because of this, the proper maintenance of these appliances may at times feel like a constant effort. Frigbot is a cellular (not WiFi) freezer temperature sensor that will give you peace of mind knowing your fridge equipment is running correctly. WiFi devices are often difficult to set up with passwords and other authentication process, however since Frigbot is cellular your device is instantly ready to use and always on.

How a Temperature Sensor Can Optimise Your Refrigeration Systems

Storage temperature control is a vital part of any facility that handles most kinds of foods on a regular basis. Improperly stored food is a major safety hazard that can also be an expensive problem for businesses to solve. That’s why a remote freezer temperature sensor, or one designed to work with your refrigeration, may be so crucial to ensure your food is always at the proper temperature.

Since a remote temperature monitor can have many uses, finding the right one that meets all your needs may seem like a challenge. While there are several types of monitoring systems for both fridges and freezers, only Frigbot has so many features available at such a low cost. As a new and innovative type of fridge sensor, Frigbot is not WiFi, but 3G cellular, meaning instant two-way communication. It is simple to use and connects with a wide variety of name brand electronic controllers, including Carel, Dixell, Ellwell, and Danfoss.

When you use a remote temperature monitor, you’ll have the benefit of using a device that has been upgraded for the digital age that will provide you with up-to-the-minute reports and alerts before a fault occurs. You’ll get real-time information on any ambient changes in temperature that occur, with data continually being communicated to your computer, tablet or phone. This fridge temperature sensor has a wide array of potential applications, including those pertinent to food safety and HACCP compliance.

Where to Get a Truly Innovative Refrigerator Temperature Sensor for Your Business

Isn’t it time your refrigeration equipment benefitted from around-the-clock monitoring without you having to worry about it? Frigbot is a cellular fridge sensor solution that has business in mind, providing you with the kind of upfront information you need to catch faults before they occur. This powerful sensor is designed to be your tool to prevent expensive breakdowns and mitigate loss, all while potentially optimising your energy usage at the same time.

Frigbot gives you access to your refrigeration and freezer systems any time of the day, wherever you may be. You’ll have the ability to configure alerts, share Frigbot access and reports to people to authorise and get high-end SCADA functionality all at a low cost to you. There’s no other freezer temperature sensor, or commercial fridge sensor, that delivers greater value to business owners across different sectors.

Would you like to learn more before you buy? Please contact us with any inquiries at any time. A helpful member of our staff will be in touch with you to answer your questions or provide you with a quote for a new freezer or refrigerator temperature sensor that may be the solution for all your food safety-related concerns.

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