Monitor Your Commercial Refrigerator with a Refrigeration Monitoring Alarm System

Running a restaurant, grocery store or processing facility is a complex and challenging task. Staff management, product sourcing, marketing, procedures, commercial accounting and administration – the list of things to monitor goes on and on. In order to keep running, though, you depend on your refrigeration systems to be in good working order.

You’ve had experience with when your refrigerator fails, though. It’s a horrible feeling of panic and alarm: when did it fail? What’s the internal temperature of the products it contains? Can the mechanic get here in time? How much waste is there? Can I even open for business today?

Stop the Problem Before it Starts with Frigbot Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring System

Fortunately, there’s a way to answer all of those questions before they even come up. Frigbot’s commercial refrigeration monitor plugs into your system and acts to remotely monitor and control your refrigeration system. The installation of the monitoring device is simple, taking mere minutes. Once installed, your refrigerator is connected to the internet and can be accessed through Frigbot’s cloud-based commercial refrigeration monitoring system. For your convenience, this is accessed from your computer, smartphone or tablet
- anywhere you can connect to the internet. Frigbot’s equipment uses cellular networks, so you don’t even need a wi-fi connection. Your refrigerator will be connected to our system anywhere you could make a call on your mobile.

Every day, you’ll be able to remotely observe your commercial refrigeration, monitor its performance, and identify if any of your refrigerators should get checked out before they break. This is ideal for largescale operations which require many units, any of which could develop issues and cause you significant hassle and alarm. Considering the benefits of turning your refrigerator maintenance into a preventive rather than reactive affair, you’ll be saving a lot of time, money and stress. Read more about the features here.

Know Who and When to Call in an Emergency

Sometimes, even with the best care and attention, a commercial refrigerator stops working quite suddenly. This can occur for many reasons (none of them good) and knowing the exact kind of problem can let you know the right person to call. If the power shorts, you’ll need to call in the electrician for more than just the refrigerator. If the motor stops working in your refrigerator, instantly monitoring that can let you sound the alarm and call the mechanic to repair or replace the part. You can also call your own team to move the product to another refrigerator for holding before it loses a single degree of its internal temperature.

Frigbot functions also as a commercial refrigerator alarm, so it will contact you immediately when something goes wrong. What better way to make the best of a bad situation than to have your failing equipment monitor itself and call you before things get worse? This allows 24/7 monitoring of the machines themselves without having to keep staff on site around the clock. Contact us today by post, phone, or email to find the right system for your commercial refrigerator.

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